Nota biograficzna

dr hab. Aleksandra Rogowska prof. UO

Katedra Społecznej Psychologii Klinicznej

Instytut Psychologii, Wydział Nauk Społecznych, Uniwersytet Opolski

45-052 Opole, Plac Staszica 1, p. 312

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Jest autorką i współautorką:

  • ponad 120 artykułów w publikacjach zwartych, czasopismach krajowych i zagranicznych
  • ponad 40 wystąpień podczas konferencji i sympozjów w kraju i zagranicą o szerokiej tematyce w zakresie psychologii sportu, psychologii twórczości i zdolności, oraz psychoprofilaktyki uzależnień.

Opublikowała dwie monografie na temat synestezji:

"A deep and thorough scrutiny of linguistic-colour synaesthesia which really does make for a fascinating read. I am an expert on the topic of synaesthesia and I learned a great deal!" 
                                - Peter Grossenbacher 
Director, Consciousness Laboratory Naropa University, 
                                    Boulder, Colorado
"This unassuming book is only understated on the outside; packed between the covers is a wealth of information, both compilations of previous research and new findings. Aleksandra Maria Rogowska ambitiously sets out to blaze new paths into many different aspects of individual differences as they relate to synesthesia … the book is exhaustively researched and provides a lucid and useful review of each of the variables under examination and the tests used to measure them. As such, it is a worthwhile read for anyone interested in individual differences, as it frames synesthesia as a trait co-occurring with a variety of other measures." 
                                  - Jennifer Mankin 
                 University of Sussex, Brighton, UK 
                  Perception 2015, 44(10):1231–1235
"The reader is presented with some genuinely interesting and effectively executed research, and although there are limitations (e.g., low sample sizes), it is clear that Rogowska has achieved her goal of showing that our investigations of synaesthesia do not have to rely on one type of research method alone. Overall, Rogowska provides a comprehensive examination of linguistic–color synaesthesia and how it relates to several different aspects of the self. There is enough material here for at least one of the five chapters to grab the interest of anyone who may already have an interest in the field."
                                - James E. A. Hughes 
                  University of Sussex, Brighton, UK 
 American Journal of Psychology 2016, 129(4):483-487
"This book is an exercise in possibility. On almost every page, there seems to be a useful idea, an innovative approach, or a well-informed hypothesis. Synaesthesia and Individual Differences is a promissory note suggesting wider angles, innovative avenues of research, and illuminating research to come.
                                  - Carolyn Purnell
American Journal of Psychology 2019, 132(4):500-505